Announcement: Alex Wakim’s Recent Book Deal!

Alex Wakim, a composer based in NYC, has been exploring different ways to tell the story of Dust and Ions, and has just, alongside his collaborator Yara Zgheib, been selected as 4 out of 601 applications, for publication with Rose Metal Press: "In a true story that beautifully combines flash pieces, poetry, and music, writer Yara Zgheib and composer Alex... read more »

Wakim Triumphant – A Feature Film in the Making

Doctor Joe just submitted the screenplay that he wrote about his Dad's life. His dad is the owner of the practice and is a dentist. I am currently working on making a feature film titled “Wakim Triumphant.” It is a retelling of my Dad, Dr. Tony Wakim, and his journey from Lebanon to Wichita Kansas with a dream to become... read more »

We Love Making Our Patients Smile!

Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiigaaarrooooo! Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? The arts are everywhere. Humanity has thrived on social gatherings and performances throughout the ages. At Wakim Dentistry we believe that art and science come together when creating beautiful smiles. As supporters of the arts, Wakim Dentistry gave patients one free ticket to the Wichita Grand Opera's showing of "The Barber... read more »

There Is a Time for Hard Work and a Time for Relaxation To Rejuvenate!

Work hard, play hard. That has always been my motto. Dentistry is a grueling profession. Patients are hit or miss. Some love dental visits and others despise them, only making appointments when they are in discomfort or pain. I take pride in my patience with patients. I would be doing a disservice to them if I were to offer them... read more »

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