Wakim Triumphant – A Feature Film in the Making

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Doctor Joe just submitted the screenplay that he wrote about his Dad’s life. His dad is the owner of the practice and is a dentist.

I am currently working on making a feature film titled “Wakim Triumphant.” It is a retelling of my Dad, Dr. Tony Wakim, and his journey from Lebanon to Wichita Kansas with a dream to become a dentist amidst the Lebanese Civil War. The story is based on true events but can be considered fiction as many facts were changed for dramatic purposes. The story was inspired by my own life, along with movies such as Rocky, Rudy and The Dark Knight Rises.


In 1978, amidst the height of the Lebanese Civil War, Tony Wakim lived an empty life in Beirut Lebanon, quitting college in Wichita, Kansas two years prior, after the combination of guilt for leaving his family behind and discouragement from his estranged sister Paula (who lives in Wichita) push him back home to Lebanon.

Tony and his family, most notably his Dad Emile, try to survive every day running their restaurant and fruit truck. Tony’s life changes after his brother Paul gets accepted into Orthopedic Surgery, the most prestigious medical residency a medical student can receive. Tony’s dormant dream to make it in America is reawakened, as he returns to Wichita to pursue his newfound dream of becoming a dentist, all while trying to win his Dad’s approval once more and support his family through their country’s darkest time. Tony makes friends with a fellow classmate, George Saghbene, who reveals Tony was an Organic Chemistry legend at the school, known as “The Brain.” Together, Tony and George team up to take on Organic Chemistry 2, along with Tony’s only chance at becoming a dentist, a standardized test known as the DAT. A test that will push Tony’s academic abilities to the limits.

We are excited to keep you, dear reader, informed as this story unfolds!

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