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Do you want to beautify your smile, but you don’t know where to start? If so, book a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group, located in Wichita, Kansas. The practice offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options, from teeth whitening to smile makeovers. Let the dentists help you achieve your ideal smile by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing and highlighting the beauty of your natural smile while improving its function.

Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services, including:

  • Zoom whitening
  • Veneers
  • Snap-On Smile®
  • Lumismile® and Lumineers®
  • Invisalign®
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Composite bonding
  • Dental implants

Using these services, your dentist can solve issues like broken and chipped teeth, stained teeth, missing teeth, and crooked teeth.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a procedure that uses composite resin to improve teeth by repairing cracks and chips, reducing gaps or spaces between teeth, and concealing discolorations.

Cosmetic bonding doesn’t require your dentist to alter or reduce your original tooth surface, and they can match the resin to almost any tooth color.

This procedure is inexpensive and typically takes less than an hour to complete. 

If you’re interested, your dentist can whiten your teeth beforehand. However, teeth enhanced with cosmetic bonding aren’t stain resistant. If this is a concern for you, an excellent stain-resistant alternative is veneers.

Veneers are razor-thin, porcelain shells that cover the front surface of your teeth and improve their appearance.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is an overhaul of your smile, focused on beautifying your smile and making you happy. 

Smile makeovers involve a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, from veneers to crowns to dental implants.

Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group customizes your smile makeover to fit your wants and needs. Before planning your action plan, your dentist schedules a time for you to come in and discuss your smile, what you like about it, and what you’d like to change.

They then consider variables such as:

  • Teeth size, color, and alignment
  • Gum tissue size and shape
  • Skin color
  • Facial appearance

These variables help them determine important aspects of your smile makeover, such as your new teeth’s:

  • Length and proportions
  • Shape 
  • Color 

Regardless of your smile makeover goals, your dentist always considers how to best compliment your natural features.

Based on your conversation and these considerations, they draw up plans for your smile makeover. After consulting with you again, they move forward with scheduling your procedures.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

Cosmetic dentistry is for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. Cosmetic dentistry is more versatile and affordable than ever, and it offers options for everyone. For patients working within a budget, the office offers financial planning assistance.

To invest in your smile today with cosmetic dentistry, call Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group, or reach out to the practice using the online booking tool.