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If your teeth are cracked, worn, broken, have a cavity, or otherwise compromised, don’t leave them vulnerable. Instead, get fillings at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group in Wichita, Kansas. The practice’s dentists offer a variety of filling materials, from porcelain to amalgam, to fit your needs. Prevent further oral health problems with a filling today. Set up your fillings appointment by calling the practice or using the online scheduling tool.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

Fillings do as the word suggests: fill holes in your teeth (cavities). Cavities develop when a sticky bacteria called plaque joins forces with sugars to create acid. This acid eats into your teeth and wears down its enamel, creating holes. 

Fillings have many benefits when they treat a cavity:

  • Decrease tooth pain
  • Prevent further tooth decay damage
  • Protect exposed tooth nerves
  • Strengthen the tooth or restore tooth function

Sometimes, Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group chooses to use fillings to repair worn teeth, broken teeth, or cracked teeth. A crown may be the best option in these circumstances, though.

What happens during a filling procedure?

During a filling procedure, your dentist administers a local anesthetic, which numbs the area, so the procedure is pain-free.

Once numb, your dentist drills a hole into your enamel and removes all of the decay. After the decay is gone, they shape the hole, so that the filling can go in.

Next, they etch the inside of the hole with a bonding acid designed to help hold the filling in place. From time to time, they also place a liner in the hole to protect your tooth pulp and nerves. 

Next, your dentist layers in the filling and hardens it with a special light. Finally, they shape the filling so that it blends in with your tooth, and polish it. 

What materials make up dental fillings?

Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group offers dental fillings in a few different materials:

Composite resins

Composite resins consist of glass and quartz filler. They’re durable and easy to match to the color of your natural teeth. They work best with small to medium-sized restorations in teeth that perform moderate chewing tasks.


Amalgam fillings consist of metallic elements and are silver colored. Amalgam fillings are relatively inexpensive and extremely durable. Because they don’t blend in with your natural smile, amalgam fillings work best on large cavities in the back of your mouth.


Porcelain or ceramic fillings are attractive and resist stains better than composite fillings. However, they’re not as durable as other filling types, and you may need to replace them in as little as five years.

If a cavity or damaged tooth is causing you pain, don’t wait to schedule your filling. To contact Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group, reach out online or over the phone today.