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Often, the best oral hygiene practices begin in early childhood when you learn good brushing and flossing habits. The caring, compassionate dental team at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group in Wichita, Kansas, specializes in treating families and takes a patient-centered approach to children’s dentistry. The dentists ensure your whole family learns preventive dental care and receives the attention they need to feel comfortable and have pleasant dental experiences from the very first appointment. For exceptional children’s dentistry services, call Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group or schedule an appointment online today.

Children Dentistry Q & A

How is children’s dentistry different?

Great dental health begins at an early age, and making sure your children have positive dental experiences can make a difference for the rest of their lives. The team at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group takes special care to help young children feel safe and comfortable at the dentist. They take the time to help children feel at ease before, during, and after their dental treatments.

Children’s dentistry encompasses comprehensive oral care, with services offered including:

  • Infant oral health exams
  • Preventive dental care for infants, toddlers, and children
  • Routine cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Early assessment for correcting bite problems
  • Repairing cavities
  • Diagnosing oral conditions as a result of other health issues
  • Treating dental injuries and emergencies
  • Providing necessary oral appliances and mouthguards for children who play sports

The dentists at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group have expert experience building relationships with families to ensure that every member receives expert care in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

When should my child begin going to the dentist?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s first dental checkup should be as soon as their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday. This helps prevent future dental problems, as your dentist can assess your baby’s oral health from the start. Your dentist may also make recommendations to help you care for your baby’s new teeth as they come in.

At these first dental visits, you can also discuss concerns about how thumbsucking and pacifiers may adversely affect your child’s teeth and oral development.

Why is it important to keep baby teeth healthy?

You may wonder why it’s so important to keep primary or “baby” teeth healthy and in place until they fall out naturally. Baby teeth are important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Allowing children to chew their food properly and maintain good nutritional habits
  • Promoting proper speech development
  • Helping save space for permanent teeth
  • Promoting a healthy, beautiful smile so kids feel more confident
  • Allowing children to learn good brushing and flossing techniques so they know how to care for permanent teeth

If you have questions about children’s dentistry, the caring team at Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group welcomes you to call the office. Schedule an appointment for your child today by phone or using the convenient online booking feature.