Sports can be tough. That is why our dentists and team have a tough solution to keep your smile healthy and protected. Our sports mouth guards come in a variety of options and are used to keep your mouth safe from damage. Our dentists may recommend sports mouth guards if you play high-impact sports like football, rugby, wrestling or hockey, though you may benefit from these easy oral appliances as well if you play other sports like soccer, basketball or volleyball. Whatever sport you play, sports mouth guards are a great way to keep your smile safe.

Custom tailored to fit your mouth with comfort and ease, athletic mouth guards are designed to prevent mouth injuries, such as chipped, knocked-out or loose teeth. They also help protect the soft tissues of your mouth from damage and reduce the likelihood of biting your tongue, cutting your cheeks or lips, and damaging your gums. These oral appliances fit over your teeth and form a barrier against outside contact, which helps you feel confident and secure while you play your chosen sport.

We invite you to call our dental office today for more information about sports mouth guards and how they can benefit your smile.