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Lumineer Veneers


Enhancing Your Smile Through Lumineers

At Wakim Cosmetic and Family Dental Group, we use CerinateĀ® LumineersĀ® . They are customized cosmetic solutions to rectify stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth. Lumineers are basically porcelain veneers, very thin and can easily be placed over the teeth without drilling or altering the tooth structure. Generally, dentists restrain themselves from giving anesthesia shots.

Lumineers have a 5-year warranty and on top of that they are clinically proven to last almost 2 decades. They are very different from the traditional veneers for if need be, the tooth structure can still be altered. That is the reason, most patients with minor orthodontic problems prefer correcting their issues through Lumineers.

The best part about Lumineers is that there are no restrictions in terms of your eating or drinking habits. Lumineers blend in with your teeth so very well that nobody will be able to differentiate categorically.

Our dentists will be able to determine the cost for your treatment plan after a thorough examination. Contact us now for more information on Lumineers.


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